Voices of the PenPal Community

Community is all about commitment and communication. And at PenPal, this is our #1 task. We want to build a PenPal community connected by real friendships. We want our pals to forge bonds and engage in meaningful conversations in a fast-paced age of digitalization and sometimes isolation.

So we listen to you. Always.

We listen to you to hear what you have to say and to make PenPal a safe and fun place for everyone. That’s why we talked to you, our community, and asked why you use PenPal and what makes it so special for you.

Let’s lend an ear and start listening closely again.

We build genuine relationships by fostering honest communication.

Quote from Joy about writing postcards
Quote about feeling alone and re-building connections through PenPal
Anonymous quote about friendship
PenPal community quote about honest communication from eve-up from Great Britain
Community quote about real connections
Quote about how it is to be an introvert and how you can connect with pen pals

We recreate a slower paced time.

Quote about how you feel pressured to respond to messages on social media
Text from a pen pal about how you use the platform
Quote about how PenPal creates genuine relationships
Quote about how the PenPal community allows for more creativity and fun
Qoute about how penpalling is more thoughtful and real
Quote about honesty at PenPal

We empower you to become a world citizen.

Quote about the advantage of cultural exchange
Quote about being adventurous as a pen pal
Quote about the joy of receiving mail from pen pals
Quote about PenPal and how it makes you happy
Quote about how you can connect with people

We make your way to the mailbox the highlight of the day.

PenPal community quote about the joy of receiving mail
Quote about the surprise of receiving mail
Quote from the PenPal community about the joy of receiving mail
PenPal community quote from Canada about the joy of receiving postcards
PenPal community quote about the excitement of receiving mail

We make sure that you only share what you want to share.

Anonymous quote from the community about safety
PenPal community quote about the platform being safe
PenPal quote about how you can connect in the community safely

Now it is your turn!

Is there anything you would like to share with us? Do you have a PenPal story to tell? Is there any frustration you want to get rid of? Or would you like to share with us why you like PenPal or what we should improve in the future?

Talk to us! We will listen to you and promise to try our best to make penpalling fun and safe for everyone.

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