Genuine Friendships Rediscovered: PenPal’s Picture of a Relationship Driven Future

Real relationships are at the heart of a positive and healthy life. PenPal is a platform that helps you to rediscover those genuine connections and the joyful feeling of finding postcards full of love and appreciation in your postbox. On this site, we want to give you a peek into our PenPal world. Learn what makes us us and take a glimpse into how we’re painting our future.

Three real user profile previews from the PenPal platform

What is PenPal?

PenPal is a platform for thoughtful communication, where people can connect and share exciting stories and passions with new friends to build lasting relationships. To achieve that, we bridge the gap between digital and physical communication.

You match with like-minded members from across the globe and communicate through personalized postcards and direct messages with each other. Writing a real card fosters genuine communication, and people can slow down from the daily pace of life. Learn more about how PenPal works here.

Our members are part of an open and safe community where everyone is welcome – and can be themselves. You can learn about languages, countries, cultures, and traditions. We hope to contribute with that to a more inclusive, tolerant, and understanding society on a global scale.

Our Vision

We want to become the leading platform for real, global connections and bring the values of pen pals into the 21st century. By using postcards and online messages as means of communication, PenPal aims to become the go-to site for having honest conversations with like-minded people, rather than just small talk.

Our Mission

PenPal makes it easier for everyone to find a soulmate in another part of the world or just around the corner, with whom they might otherwise not come into contact. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a more relationship-driven world in which appreciation and honesty become core values. By creating a worldwide community, we aim to foster cultural exchange and make people more open to other countries’ beliefs and traditions.

Our Values

As you may have understood already, we want to foster genuine friendships and meaningful conversations. But being a PenPal draws more with it. Read about our values and what makes us us.


We want to foster conversations that matter. Don’t pretend to be fine if you are not.


Making a new friend should be an effort. Don’t forget: real friends are rare.


PenPal was designed to provide a safe environment for connecting with people globally.


Everyone is safe at PenPal, no matter what background, age, sexuality, or gender.


We want to bring joy into everyone’s life by finding postcards in their mailbox.

Cultural Openness

The world is a great place with great people, and we want our users to experience this.

Your thoughts are safe with us.

Anything you don’t understand or want to talk about with us? Have we forgotten something? We are always willing to learn and do better. Please reach out to us and let us know your thoughts.


    • Viktoria Reply

      Hi Abdul,
      Just letting you know we’ve had to remove your private address from this public comment section, in order to keep it secure.
      Check out to make friends safely! You can use the message box function to exchange your address with members if you prefer it to traditional snail mail!
      Best wishes,

    • Viktoria Reply

      Hi there,
      No, PenPal is entirely free to use! You don’t have to pay for your sign up and the best thing is that you don’t need to share any personal data because your address is hidden at all times.
      If you want to send a postcard it costs $2,49 dollars, but you can also just reach out via chat to your pen pals – and the best is, that you can first check all the pen pals and decide afterwards if you want to send a postcard or not.
      You should definitely check it out!

      • I would love to find out how to view who want to be your penpal on this site especially when there is message indicating that this name want to be your penpal and also were you search the list of penpal for sellection

        • Viktoria Reply

          Hi Dominic, thanks for your question! In the top right corner, the button for notifications always shows you when another pen pal liked you, and then you can like them back. 🙂 Currently, we don’t have the search function available anymore, cause we were testing some new product changes. But if you want to find a friend, they could for example send you their link to the profile. 🙂 I hope that answers your question!
          Happy pen palling,

    • Hey Ezzia,

      To use PenPal, children should be aged 13 or higher. We go to efforts to make sure all members are active on our platform according to our community guidelines. If you see someone acting against this in any way, please let us know and we will review the case ASAP.

      We have more on privacy here:

      Hope that helps!

  1. How does Penpal protect it’s users from online harassment and bullying?

    • Hey Shirl,

      We go to efforts to make sure all members are active on our platform according to our community guidelines. If you see someone acting against this in any way, please let us know and we will review the case ASAP.

      Hope that helps!

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