You are probably on this page because you saw a message on PenPal today that we have unlocked a new chat feature for you. Maybe you have noticed that this chat feature wasn’t unlocked for all your friends yet. Trust me, this is no bug. But there is also no need to be confused. We will explain to you how the new chat function works and I promise, it is as easy as it sounds. And a little spoiler to those who don’t like messaging at all: There is a way to disable the chat function.

What is the new chat function at PenPal?

PenPal got a Messenger!! 🥳​

This Messenger is designed to allow you to maintain and foster the relationship with your pal and – for important matters – communicate without having to put it into a postcard.

But as you know, at PenPal we want you to create genuine friendships and encourage real and honest communication. And taking time for each other and making the effort to write a postcard should definitely not go amiss.

This is why the chat will only be unlocked when you and your pal have already exchanged a set of postcards, i.e. when you have sent one and received one back from the same pal. That way, you must first have a physical interaction via a postcard, and the effort for each other still comes first.

PenPal Messenger locked
Chat locked
PenPal Messenger unlocked
Chat unlocked after exchanging a set of postcards

When should I use the PenPal Messenger?

Of course, it is up to you when you want to use the chat function. But we still want to encourage you to try to have meaningful conversations with your pal. And through writing postcards, you are forced to go more into what matters.

However, you can use the chat feature to discuss urgent, important, or brief topics with your pal, or those topics that require a lot of interaction. For example,

  • If you need immediate advice from your friend
  • If you have a topic that you don’t feel comfortable putting on a postcard
  • If you are planning to meet in person
  • If you just want to let your pal know that you need a little longer to respond or are not at home for some time
  • Or any other situation that requires just a short interaction

But remember: If you are not a fan of chatting and want to escape short messaging at all, you can easily disable the chat function.

Why a Messenger at a PenPal platform?

Probably some of you wondered why we would introduce a messenger on a platform that is all about penpalling. Well, for us, the communication between you and your pal is what we focus on. We want you to create real connections, and we still believe this works best through writing postcards. However, we also want to facilitate life for you. And we believe that after exchanging some postcards and creating a relationship, it might be nice for you to have some shorter and quicker conversations.

And if that’s not the case: never mind. Just disable the chat.

How can I disable the PenPal Messenger?

We know that chatting is not everyone’s cup of tea and some of you are on PenPal right now because you want to escape short and quick messages. That’s why you can disable the chat feature, of course. Just go to your profile section and select settings. Next, go to Messenger settings. There, you can choose to keep your Messenger enabled or disable it.

PenPal Messenger Settings

Any other questions or feedback?

Do you have something on your mind you need to get rid of? We listen to you and are happy about every feedback we can get. Just reach out to us and let us know what you think about our new chat function (or any other feature at PenPal). We appreciate it a lot!

And now to all of you: Happy penpalling!


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