What is PenPal?

So what actually is PenPal? The short version is: We’re an online community and platform – for connecting offline. PenPal matches you with other members across the globe, who you can then send a real printed postcard to. PenPal the best way to find pen pals.

By sending a postcard via PenPal Match, you immediately become eligible to receive a postcard from another mystery member.

What is PenPal Match?

PenPal Match is a tool that matches you with another PenPal member somewhere on the planet, based on your common interests, hobbies, area and preferred language. Once you click to find who your match is, you can either send them a postcard, or unmask two further mystery matches. Now you have 24 hours to reach out by postcard before your matches are refreshed!

How does PenPal Match work?

So having been enticed by the mystery, you now have three matches in front of you… What do you do now?

Take a look at your their profiles and self-summaries to help you write your postcard to them.

  1. First, click ‘Send a postcard’
  2. Choose a cool design or add one of your own photos
  3. Craft your message and click send.
  4. A few days later, your postcard will arrive with the post.

Does something feel off? That’s because the address of your new PenPal is invisible behind a layer of security- you don’t need to enter an address at all! We’ll add it automatically, before printing and delivering your message straight to their door.

Now that you’ve sent a postcard, somewhere across the world, someone is discovering that you are their mystery match! Keep an eye on that mailbox because you’ll be receiving a postcard soon!

What about direct exchange? Can I add friends?

Yes, please! Either search directly for a username of someone you know in person, or add mystery PenPals as friends. Alternatively click through your interest tags, to discover an archive of members with the same interest. Then reach out and request them!

Convinced? Try out PenPal!

Go ahead and give PenPal a try if you’re interested in connecting with other awesome members across the world. We’ll gift you two free postcards to start you off!

Still have questions? Contact us here.