My favorite 12 Instagram pen pals are not just avid pen pals, they’re also artists and influencers sharing their gorgeous creations with the world. With beautifully handmade letters and postcards, envelopes, labels, typography, and calligraphy, these accounts are jam-packed with snail mail inspiration for DIY lovers.

12 Instagram pen pals to follow

#1 Elodie’s Things

Envelope with flowers and stamps on it which says 'Dianne'. The letters are from Instagram pen pal Elodie's Things.
Copyright: @elodiesthings

19-year-old Elodie has almost 9k followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as a lover of journals, letters, cats, music, books, and autumn. A biomedical student from the Netherlands, her Insta feed is filled with snail mail creative artwork and her journal creations. Hands down, one of our favorite Instagram pen pals, Elodie’s account provides inspiration for anyone who is looking to take their penpalling game to the next level.

#2 Skylar Hand

Pen pal postcard from the Amalfi coast.
Copyright: @skylarhand

Skylar Hand is a stay-at-home mom living in Florida, and she has a passion for all things paper. Sharing her pen pal letters and artwork with over 5k followers, Skylar has more than 60 pen pals from around the world. She also creates content on YouTube if you are looking for tips and tutorials for making your own mail marvelous.

#3 Dear Miss Darcy

Pretty letters and envelopes from Instagram pen pals.
Copyright: @dearmissdarcy

Miss Darcy aka Amber Talbot is a 23-year-old from the States, and her Insta is filled with a super sweet pretty in pink aesthetic. Sharing her creativity with over 17.6 k followers, her pen pals are so lucky to receive such beautiful mail. Plus, Amber also hand makes papercraft goodies and even has her own store.

#4 Paper Sweetpea

Kylie K is a content creator, journaling, scrapbooking, pen pal from Australia. Providing fabulous inspiration for all things paper with 19.7k followers, her Insta feed is bright, colorful, and motivational. She also posts her stunning scrapbook creations, with tons of ideas for creating your own memory book. 

#5 The Bookish Penpal

Pretty envelope with the name 'Salome' on it.
Copyright: @thebookishpenpal

Relatively new on Instagram, 21-year-old Janina’s has over 2, 200 followers. Her page is filled with gorgeous pen pal inspiration and a stunning aesthetic, with brown recycled paper, artwork, and literary vibes.

#6 Life Through Letters

Letters, maps and journals from Instagram pen pals.
Copyright: @LifeThroughLetters_

Life Through Letters is run by Alicia. Originally from Spain but currently but living in Galway, Ireland, she began penpalling to improve her English in 2008. Today, she shares her pen pal art with 3, 390 followers on Instagram.

#7 Typewriter Stories

Prettily decorated envelopes and pen pal letters from Instagram influencer 'Typewriter Stories'.
Copyright: @typewriterstories

Janiek is a 23-year-old from the Netherlands with almost 9000 followers. Her Instagram represents her passion for all things paper, with beautifully decorated envelopes, handwritten notes, and postcards. Janiek’s bio states that a letter makes everything better, and we are more than inclined to agree.

#8 Postal Witch

One of our more magical Instagram pen pal picks is Irene is the Postal Witch.  Her soft pink aesthetic is truly enchanting! Born in Russia, Irene embraces the cottagecore vibes across her mail art.

#9 Lizzie’s Letters

One blue envelope that says 'Leslie' on it. The letter is from Instagram pen pal 'Lizzie's Letters'.
Copyright: @lizziesletters_

A 25-year-old school teacher from the UK, the Lizzie’s Letters page is filled with pen pal inspiration. She has also recently started a YouTube challenge where she creates crafts along with videos for pen palling newbies. Plus, Lizzie has an Etsy shop where she sells paper goodies and vintage scrapbooking supplies.

#10 Edelweiss Post

Four envelopes with many vintage stamps.
Copyright: @edelweiss_post

Based in Minneapolis, MC, Patrick Dea is the proprietor, curator, craftsman, and brains behind Edelweiss Post. Showcasing vintage postage stamps and custom-made stationery, Patrick is all about encouraging followers and customers to send ‘real mail’, with a particular enthusiasm for all things stamp-related.

#11 Italic Illustrator

Two envelopes that are decorated with images of cats and which are sent from Instagram pen pals.
Copyright: @italic.i11ustrator

Mom of four cats and a daughter, Chelsey Lynne is 30 years old and currently lives in Upper Michigan. She recently gave up her career in marketing and became the founder of her very own modern Calligraphy Company. Living the dream and embracing her creative style, her Instagram is filled with wax seals, vintage postage, unique stationery, beautiful letters, artistic envelopes, and more.

#12 Mango Tea Tree

Two decorated envelopes
Copyright: @mangoteatree

Marit states that she is a paper, tea, and nature lover as well as being a snail mail addict. With bright colors, hand-crafted letters, and tons of paper inspiration, check out her page for an Instagram pen pal influencer who embraces color and creativity in her mail art.

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